Learning to take a compliment

Some of us just don't know how to accept a compliment well. At least for me, I think I can attribute most of that to a lack of self esteem. Having lost over 60 lbs in almost a year, I tend to get sincere compliments fairly often (not bragging, just stating a fact). At first, they made me a little uncomfortable. I've never been one who particularly enjoys being the center of attention and I don't like standing out in a crowd. Typically my goal has been to blend.

Blending can be somewhat difficult when you have worked somewhere for 8 years and people start noticing that you look different...I guess more different that I even realized. As time has gone on and I have continued to gradually lose weight, more and more people (even people that I don't personally know) will stop me in the hallway and compliment me. I have gotten more used to it and have actually started to see what they see.

I had a really nice "awh" moment today when a noticed a comment on Facebook from a friend. She told me that I am beautiful. I'm still not sure I would use that word to describe myself yet, but I am much closer than I was a year ago or even a month ago. I think the timing of her comment was perfect. I went on a trip to Busch Gardens yesterday with friends. For anyone who has ever truly experienced being fat, you can appreciate this. Most rides are not built for the pleasantly plump. As a matter of fact, they can be incredibly uncomfortable. Well, I was absolutely thrilled when I could easily slide in and out of all the rides without any problem. And, it was even a little scarier riding the roller coasters because my fat behind isn't quite as fat anymore...and it actually lifted out of the seat. Trust me, that is much scarier than being wedged in so tightly that crisco may not even get you free. But, you know what, scarier is definitely better!

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